Send Automatic Welcome Messages To Your New Followers

You can now set a welcome message that your new followers will automatically get. Use it to send an exclusive link, behind-the-scenes media… or just a warm welcome!

Benefits of sending welcome messages to your new followers

As a content creator on AllMyLinks, here are some potential benefits of sending welcome messages:

1. Sake your new followers feel welcome: that first message is your opportunity to convey your personality or brand tone. Most people will forget about you after some time. That first impression is your chance to be remembered..

2. Increase reach and engagement: a user who gets a welcome message from you is much more likely to write back and engage with your profile.

3. Deliver value immediately: sending exclusive content or a promo code to your new followers is a good way to boost your conversion rates.

How to set your welcome message

To set sending automatic welcome messages to your new followers on AllMyLinks, follow the steps below:

Access your Welcome Message settings by heading to your Settings, and then selecting Messages in the left menu.

You can then view and update your welcome message settings:

  • Turn the welcome message feature on or off (off by default)
  • Update the text of the message
  • Optionally, attach an image to your welcome message.

Once activated, every user who starts following you on AllMyLinks will receive your welcome message automatically:

Let us know how you like it!